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Raku Workshops

Raku literally means “happiness in the accident.” The ancient pottery firing technique incorporates all of nature’s elements: earth, fire, air and water. This firing experience, available to all levels, allows students to watch as their pottery gets hot, then pull them from the heat into a basin of sawdust and newspaper. They will get to see the beautiful crackling and metallic hues of the glaze that same day!

Who is it for?

Everyone interested in experimenting with different glaze technique on your pottery.


What you might make

Raku is a glaze firing technique workshop. The bisque fired pieces you bring to this workshop will be fired.


What to expect

Instant gratification! Bisque-ware will be raku glazed and fired during the workshop. The instructor will be available to those wishing to discover these techniques for the first time, and kiln space will be available to those continuing to develop with these practices. Firing space may be limited based on the number of participants.


What to bring

Your excitement and curiosity! Bring bisque-ware to glaze and fire. Medium to small works welcome. No saggar firing or alternative processes please.

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